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SSAT 练*题(1) Angele Hu 1. Please fill the blank with right words. (You can get some clues from the Chinese version) 1. paper:____novel____ 纸张:小说 2. canvas:___portrait___ 画布:肖像画 3. hammer:nail____ 锤子:钉子 4. screwdriver:_____screw___ 螺丝刀:螺丝 5. ___scale___: weight 天*:重量 6. ___altimeter_____:altitude 高度计:高度 7. jar:____hold__ 罐子:盛放 8. pillar:_____support____ 柱子:支持 9. chisel:___carve____ 凿子:刻 10. __blender___: mixing 搅拌机:混合 11. _ shovel __: dig 铲子:挖 12. blade:________cut_______ 刀片:切 13. hammer: ___thump____ 锤子:重击 14. buttress:______support_____支撑 物:支持 15. _stove_____: heat 火炉:加热 16. _______drill________: hole 钻:打洞 2. Synonym 1. a) b) c) d) 2. a) b) c) d) 3. a) b) c) d) remote automatic distant savage mean detest argue hate discover reveal gracious pretty clever pleasant present

4. a) b) c) d) 5. a) b) c) d) 5. a) b) c) d) 6. a) b) c) d)

predict foretell decide prevent discover kin exult twist friend relative pensive oppressed caged thoughtful happy banish exile hate fade clean

3:Analogy 1. Hinder is to impede as excuse is to _______________. blame pardon delay block

2. Noun is to adjective as verb is to _______________. action being plural adverb

3. Exit is to out as _______________ is to in. door house enter extra

4. Drink is to _______________ as eat is to solid. gas liquid milk food

5. Mercury is to first as Mars is to _______________. second third fourth fifth

6. Labyrinth is to maze as medicine is to _______________. drug doctor pharmacy sickness

7. Hurricane is to meteorologist as star is to _______________. geologist entomologist biologist astronomer

4. Find the word has the closest meaning to the ones underlined 1. A country’s _______ include all of its minerals, such as coal, gold, and silver. A. resource B. financial C. ability D. list 2 .Whether two people or groups are fighting with words or weapons, we can say they are having a _______. A. dispute B. war C. combat D. victim 3. If some lives in the _______ of your home, you would call that person a neighbor. A. vicinity B. remote C. distant D. lonely 4. If you are always patient, we can say that you _______ lots of patience. A. acquire B. erasable C. eliminable D. deletable 5. Roses _______ greatly in color, size, and shape. A. fragrant B. vary C. aroma D. thorn 6. A _______ is a process that often involves a series of steps. A. breather B half-whisper C. susurrate D. Procedure 7. If you say you have _______ time for an assignment, that means you have enough time to do it. A. insufficient B. adequate C. wanting D. quiver 8. Anything that puts pressure on out emotions, bodies, or minds can be called _______. A. arrow B. Stress C. projectile D. straight

9. Thelma had a _______ with her neighbors over their dogs’ getting into her garbage cans. A. indignant B. approximately C. everywhere D. resent 10. When the Carveys didn’t pay their rent for the third month in a row, the landlord actually came to their door to _______ them. A. urge B. console C. keen D. scold 11. In the 1800s, it must have been very difficult to _______ with people who lived far away. Today we are all lucky to have phones and good mail service. A. liaison B. connect C. beam D. admonish 5. Match the words in the left column to their synonyms in the right column. 1. Facility A. puffery 2. Boast B. ridiculous 3. Diverse C. fraudulent 4. Surgery D. controversy 5. Flaw E. various 6. Predict F. equipment 7. Immense G. equitable 8. Impartial H. forecast 9. Deceptive I. operation 10. Absurd J. defect 11. Dispute K. staggering

Please choose a correct answer by coloring it red. (请把正确答案标注为红色)