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【PEP】2019 最新五年级积累综合上学期小学英语期末真题模拟 试卷卷(③)-精品套卷
时间:90 分钟 满分:100 分

题号 得分


一、基础练*(40 分)
1. like,see,what,you,would,film,to ______? 2. There was a queen.(变为否定句) 3. We often here.

A .dance B .do kung fu C .sing 5. We can ______(meet /meeting)at three o'clock in the park. 6. 那太好了。

A .That's bad B .That's great

7. 选择合适的单词填空。

the US

the UK Canada Australia

1. (1)______

2. (2)______

A .play basketball B .play ping-pong C .play football 4. They can .

3. (3)______


4. (4)______

8. Lisa is unhappy. She can't A .find B .look C .watch

her new skirt.

二、词语练*(30 分)
9. like They both swimming. (连词成句) 10. I like playing table tennis.

Is an she teacher too English(?)______
13. 补全对话
A. I'm Bob. B. Look at the map. C. Next walk straight down Heping Road. D. I should walk along Sunny Road first. E. Are there any bookshops near our school?
May: Hello! I'm May. I'm your new classmate. Bob: Hello, May. ______ May: Bob, I'm new here. ______ Bob: Yes, there's one. May: Is it far from here? Bob: No. ______ Can you find the bookshop? May: Yes. We're here. ______ Bob: Yes. Then turn left at Heping Road. May: OK. ______ Bob: Right! The bookshop is beside the cinema.

11. How many____ are there in your house? A .room B .a room C .rooms

15. —Look

the living room. There is a TV.

—Yes, and it is a big TV. A .in B .on C .at

三、提升练*(30 分)

16. 判断下列划线部分的发音是相同还是不同

A. skate

B. sky

C. skip

17. 判断下列单词划线部分的发音是相同还是不同

A. desk B. ask

C. skate

18. The rabbit has two ______ (long/ short) ears.
19. computer, on, is, my, the, desk(. )(连词成句)
20. Let ______ (I)send this email first.
21. 填补所缺单词。
Today is Saturday. I don't go to school.I go to the______ . I walk there . First , I walk along Jianan Road.Turn______at the Star Hotel.Walk along Zhongshan Road.Turn right at the Post______.Walk______.The place is on the right,______the gift shop.
22. Is there any tea in the glass?
A .Yes, there are. B .No, there is. C .No, there isn't.